Schinus, is the Greek name of the mastic: evergreen tree of the same family; molle: mulli derived from the Quechua name, not the Latin molle ("loose")


The MOLLE is a beautiful tree whimsical shapes, leafy crown, dense foliage, colorful fruits and different applications that make it a highly productive species. It was used in the reforestation of watersheds, to protect riverbanks, erosion control and slope arborizar cities, both for its beauty as for its resistance to water scarcity


tonic, antispasmodic and healing and the resin is used to relieve tooth decay. Fresh fruit infusion is taken against urine retention. Boiled leaves and bathrooms with water decoction of the leaves serve as an analgesic, healing and anti-inflammatory for external use, and sun-exposed leaves are used as a poultice to relieve rheumatism and sciatica. In folk medicine the leaves and flowers are used as hot poultices for rheumatism and other muscular pains. Infusion leaves with eucalyptus leaves, and inhalations are used for the relief of bronchial disorders. Its resin is similar mastic applications.

It is widely used in traditional medicine plant. A bark and resin been attributed