It is a small grass native to the Peruvian Andean valleys used in traditional medicine to treat various problems.

1.-1. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Schkubria pinnata.


Stomach, depurative (Removes toxins from the body), sudorific and febrifuge, Refreshing blood.

Stimulating bitter tonic, diaphoretic, traditionally as emenagogo, pneumonia, pleurisy, stomach pain, malfunction of the ovaries, mild laxative. Digestive, detoxifying. Used in cases of diabetes, juvenile acne and generally for skin diseases and helping clean health. stimulation of appetite and gall function. fatigue, lack of motivation This herb regulates the malfunction of menstruation in a wonderful way, because it negates all ailments. Fortifies the bodies of women and helps remove impure substances Canchalagua water for more hair


It is an annual plant with 30-40 cm high.

a. Leaves: opposite and short petioles.

b. Flowers: are terminal and thrust a pale color.

c. Fruit: juicy and aromatic mesocarpio.

d. Root: it is radical, underground, woody perennial.


Wild plant is located in the Sierra at 2,000 to 3,000 meters