The MOLLE is a beautiful tree whimsical shapes, leafy crown, dense foliage, colorful fruits and different applications that make it a highly productive species.? He is employed in the reforestation of watersheds, to protect riverbanks, erosion control arborizar hillsides and cities, both for its beauty as for its resistance to water shortages


The MOLLE hails from the valleys of central Peru, especially in arid and semi-arid steppe mountainous and lower montane forest. At the time of the Incas MOLLES they were planted around the Cusco, and the resin was obtained from its trunk was used to embalm corpses, and to heal wounds.


Food: The ground seeds are used as white pepper and pink pepper as a whole. With the seed coat sweet chicha of molle and milk, which is a non-fermented chicha slimming without weakening is prepared. Molle honey liquid ripe fruits is made by boiling until it becomes syrupy

Medicinal: The MOLLE is used as anti-rheumatic, laxative, cefalálgico, healing, purifying blood and antispasmodic. It also combats ailments of kidney, bladder and liver, and various body aches and some respiratory problems.

Tint: When cooking the leaves and bark of this tree a bright yellow liquid, which is used as input to dye various tissues is obtained.

Essential oils: The leaves of MOLLE contains an oil used in perfumery and in making toothpastes. The seeds have an oil that can be used as natural fungicide. The fruits and seeds also have various oils as myrcene, phellandrene, limonene and cadinol.

Fertilizer: The branches and fruits of MOLLE, when mixed in water, along with corn seeds, allow the production of fertilizer.

Pesticide: To repel some pests, MOLLE twigs buried in the furrows of the fields. It is also known that the leaves placed between clothes moths can be eliminated.

Ornamental: It is a widely grown as an ornamental tree species.

Agroforestry: The MOLLE is used in agricultural plantations to provide shade and windbreaks.

Wood: The wood of this tree is hard and durable, so it is often used in carpentry and joinery work.