Scientific name

Plantago major L




It is an herbaceous plant native to Europe naturalized in Peru and America, with large hairless, oval lanceolate leaves, curvlnervlas. pecioladas, which develop from a very small stem, where are arranged in rosette. The pentámeras flowers are small, white and distributed in simple spikes. The fruit is dry, pixidlo type and numerous seeds.


It is found in cultivated fields, orchards, ios at the edges of roads and in all humid places, to 3000 m It is grown from seed.


It is effective for all types of respiratory diseases, allergic up as asthma and rhinitis. It used to stop diarrhea and mild intemal bleeding, as well as for skin diseases


Juice: Fresh juice of BOFAS, root and leaves are used as poultices

The cooked root is useful against earache and toothache. The infusion of the leaves is applied as compresses on skin inflammations and skin dehydration.

Infusion: infusion of fresh leaves in cases of respiratory diseases were used.


A survey about knowledge of the medicinal plant in the provinces of Huaraz and Carhuaz, whose sample of 30 people aged 10 to 80 years of age, obtaining the following results was performed.