Scientific name

Senecio canescens (H.B.K.) Cuatrecasas




Rhizomatous annual herb, rosette of basal leaves with large pods, very hairy throughout. Long floral scape erect finished in a few chapters, simple cluster; also very pubescent. Tubuladas flowers pale yellow.


Jalcas inhabits the Andean highlands and high in peat soils rich in organic matter and loam


Used for colds, flu, and bronchial desinflamante tonsils.


Infusion: Boil for five minutes and have a cup before bedtime. Cooking: Used to treat bronchitis and tonsillitis, five sheets of Vira Vira added, two roots of cortadera girl, a little slip of paper, two roots of black nettle is boiled all together for 15 minutes; after drinking.


A survey about knowledge of the medicinal plant in the provinces of Huaraz and Carhuaz, whose sample of 30 people aged 10 to 80 years of age, obtaining the following results was performed.