Llantén (Plantago major)


It is a kind of natural herb in Europe, North America, North Africa and West Asia where it grows in uncultivated land, uncultivated embankments and slopes. It is a perennial herb with unbranched stem. Reached 3-5 cm tall. It has a short rhizome with many rootlets yellow. Leaves something gear, leaving a basal rosette with 3 to 6 nervaciones tapering longitudinal and continue petiole, it has an oval limbo. Flowers, green-white, produced in dense cylindrical spikes appearing in May to October. The fruit is a pixidio. The seeds are brown.


It is used in decoction, syrup or fluid extract to combat colds, bronchitis and asthma.


Plantain is a very important plant for its healing properties, among which their healing, antihemorrágica, expectorant, astringent and cleansing properties of blood.