HIERBABUENA (Mentha spicata)


reaches 30 cm in height. The leaves give its name from its lanceolate (Spica means "spear" in Latin); They are very aromatic, serrated, hairless, hairy on the underside. The flowers have a calyx with five sepals and glabra approximately equal throat. The corolla is lilac, pink or white, and very glandulosa, up to 3 mm long. The roots are extensive and invasive. The plant grows easily in any temperate climate; You can withstand the sun, but prefers partial shade, and the benefits clay soil. It hybridizes easily with other species of Mentha, resulting piperine and manzanera or mentastro


Peppermint is consumed as a beverage infusion, one of the flavorings used for candy, gum, ice cream, pastries and other preparations flavored with mint. It is used to flavor salads, soups, meat, game and lamb. Peppermint leaves are also used to make one of the most popular cocktails. The infusion of mint tea mint tea is known.


Its importance is to have antispasmodic properties, carminative, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating